Sunday, June 17, 2007

How to Make Beautiful Earring Cards!

Now that I am addicted to making earrings after I took a wire wrapping class, I have had to figure out new photo elements, as well as how to display and ship the earrings.

I researched the Etsy forums and on Google and came up with this easy and pretty solution! Here is a tutorial. I hope it will help you too!

Items needed for your earring cards:

A. Perforated business card sheets (As an alternate, you could use card stock and cut it yourself on a paper cutter)

B. Color printer (or you can hand color with markers. Just remember your time element for preparation if you do a lot of earrings)

C. Push pin, nail, or other tool for poking a hole.

D. Thick cardboard to use as a protector when you poke the holes.

How to produce your earring cards:

1. Buy perforated business cards on sheets from your office supply store.

I had mine on hand (as a graphic designer, I have TONS of papers of all kinds from over the years and am glad to use some!).

2. Set up your design in your software.

I did not use my graphic programs and used Word quite successfully.

In fact, Word has all the Avery templates for business cards, labels, etc... If you get another brand, usually the box will have the "Avery equivalent" number so you can select the right template in Word.

Here is a
Microsoft tutorial on making a business card in Word. It may help a few of you. If you use a MAC - sorry - can't help!

You can select your software based upon the complexity of your design. You may want to use a graphic program for more control over your design if you need.

3. Figure out a design that is simple.

Remember that your earrings are the focus when they are displayed on the card.

I chose to write my web site URL down the middle and used the same font that is my identify on my banner, web site, and blog. You may want to use a graphic of your own identity or some simple text.

4. Decide what color or colors you want to include.

For my design, I selected five colors that are in my banner and identity graphics, as well as my business cards. Each earring card is a different color so it is not busy and I select the color that will compliment the
earring colors.

5. Complete your design in your software, insert your perforated card sheets into your printer according to your printer's configuration, and print. Then gently fold the perforations so they will come apart easily.
ZestyB had a great tip, "I print dots, like the asterick * or a period on the front of the card so I know where to make the holes."

6. Select the earrings for your first card and select your card for those earrings (if the designs or colors are different like mine).

7. Place the card on the thick cardboard piece. This will be a protector for punching holes.

8. Take your tool (I use a pushpin, but you can use a nail or even a very small punch from the craft store) and punch tiny holes, locating them logically in relation to your design on the card. You can eyeball them rather than measuring them. At least that has been successful for me.

MyFriendsandMeDesign adds that a 1/16" round punch from McGill Punchline works well if you like a little larger hole than a push pin tip. She says, "It has a 2" reach, which is awesome! Now we just need to figure out a way to handle lever-back earrings!"
Her earring cards stand up to show off the earrings. Here's the side view:

On the back flap of the earring cards, she writes what materials were used.

Price tag is always needed, of course and having both the price and materials noted makes craft fairs easier for artist and customers.

The extra touch of the artist's signature is special. (She has always appreciated signatures -- in books, on baskets, on artwork and even puts her initials on cross stitch!)

sohobeads says: "You can use a hole punch to make your holes in the card. I use one that punches stars. To put leverbacks just punch two holes, one under the other, leave some room between the holes and then slip your leverback earring through them."

ZestyB also offers, "Did you know you can purchase plastic hang tags to stick on the back??

9. Thread the earrings into the holes and there you have a beautiful way to display and package your earrings!

Your earrings are made with care and love. Why not display
them as such!

has a great solution for earring cards: "I LOVE my moo cards. I'm currently using them as earring cards. They're a bit more expensive, but I work this into my overall item price. They're definitely worth it.!"

Here is a photo of how Gemmafactrix uses the moo cards for earring cards.


  1. Wonderful idea! Thanks for doing this!

  2. Beautifully done. Thanks so much.

  3. Linda, This is great, Your instructions are so easy to follow and they can be personalized and cut cost . Thanks for sharing. Lou

  4. That's a great tutorial. I recently made some earring cards in a similar fashion, but I used a hole punch for the holes. Even though the holes are only 1/16" diameter, they're still too big; and now I don't like the cards! The pushpin idea is great and so much easier.

    Your own cards look great - elegantly simple. :-)

  5. Great how-to, Linda! I just started making my own earring cards, too, using good-old MS Word.

    I used 1/16" round punch from McGill Punchline -- it has a 2" reach, which is awesome! Now we just need to figure out a way to handle lever-back earrings!


  6. Very cool tutorial. I make my own cards too. Did you know you can purchase plastic hang tags to stick on the back?

    Tip - I print dots - a * or a . on the front of the card so I know where to make the holes.


  7. Thank you. I can use the idea for my hair bows. That was kind of you to share. Corine

  8. thanks for this info. seems simple but for some reason i could never quite figure it out. appreciate the walk through.

  9. What a wonderful way to make earrng cards. Thanks for sharing.

  10. You can use a hoole punch to make your holes in the card. I use one that punches starts. To put leverbacks just punch two holes, one under the other, leave some roon between the holes and then slip your leverback erarring through them...sohobeads

  11. This is such a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Linda, I was inspired to take pictures of my earring cards for you. I've posted the photos on Flickr if you'd like to take a look!


  13. Thank you SO much, I am so "paper inept" , this will help me immensely !!!

  14. This is great. I like to make my own too. Thank so much!

  15. Beautiful work you! I am new at jewelry making - I love the cards for your earrings. What a awesome way to show off your items! Keep up the good work,
    Newcomer Beading Granny
    Have a good Day!
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  16. Does anyone know where to get the plastic hanging strip things to put on the back of earring cards?
    -- Laura

  17. What a great tutorial! I was thinking of making my own earring cards and your article has give me some good idea. Thank you for sharing.

  18. I love your cards. They really look nice. I can answer the question on what to do for putting leverback (and clip) earrings on cards. Instead of one hole per earring, you punch two. Punch the first one where you normally would, then punch the other one about 3/8" below it. Use a very sharp craft knife (a.k.a. Exacto knife) to draw a straight cut from the top hole to the bottom one. Have something behind the earring card when you do this, of course. This is how I card my clip and leverback earrings. Hope it helps.

    Janice Bernhard

  19. YAY! I found this by googling earring cards - how to make - and so glad I found this. I make my own biz cards, so this was super easy. I have a BIG fair coming up. Hopefully this will make my earrings look very professional.

  20. this is great! thanks to these wonderful instructions, i can now make my own earring cards for my etsy creations! thanks so much for posting this!

  21. Excellent idea and such great inspriation!!! I was paying about 12-15 cents per plastic card and the look was just not good... I'll try to upload my finished product that I created with my 6 year old daughter's Cuttlebug embossing machine! Thank you- Thank you!

  22. This is very clever idea for earning through cards. I like your whole collection of this blog.

  23. That's some really useful stuff, thank you so much for sharing :)

  24. Sounds good, i am going to try it right now and i am sure my friends will love it.

  25. Thanks for the great post! I actually just made some last night and now I come across your post. I made mine in a similar but I made them in a tent card type style and punched a hold at the top using a hole punch. This way I can either hang the cards or stand them on a table to display. I was curious about leverbacks too and just came across this punch that might help some people.

  26. I love ur great idea,Nice idea for beautiful earring cards,Thank,s for so nice sharing.

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  27. I'm new to your blog -- unfortunately, I can't remember where I was when I clicked on you! MENOFOG!!! LOL! Did you advertise on FB?

    Anyway, there is actually an earring punch that I found on etsy that does earring holes for either pierced or leverback. Here's the link:

    Kind of pricy, and to be honest, if I had the choice I would only buy the one that does the punch for hanging wires/leverbacks, but I use my own, cleverly designed business cards for my cards, too!

  28. and I'll use the plastic hangers if I EVER get enough inventory to go to a craftshow... but I really like the idea of bending the card as a display... hmmmm....

  29. These ideas are great! I purchased some black earring cards in Flagstaff at a jewelry supply and not all of the holes were all the way through. I used my cordless Dremel tool and drill bits I purchased to make the holes in the paper. It was soooo easy. I am just starting to get things ready to sell but I really like the idea of the tent style cards for display. I am gonna try that. Since I have lots of scrapbook cardstock I will try those.

  30. I forgot to mention that the stick on backs for the cards I think can be purchased through the same folks that have the punch. I believe is their address.

  31. So cute earing-cards!!!Great how-to, Linda! I just started making my own earring cards....
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  32. Great post, I have always placed my handmade earrings in an organza pouch when shipping off. I will try to make my own earring cards, which had previously seemed so time consuming, but will give it a go.

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  34. Love your earring cards. Very professional and elegant. Easy to follow directions. Thank you for sharing.