Saturday, June 30, 2012

Water Lily Pad Inspiration

If you know my design perspective, you know that I love chunky, even when chunky is not the trend. Thankfully, now is the time to bask in fabulous chunky jewelry from GalleriaLinda made with vintage beads, Czech glass beads, and stone!

When I saw these beads, I was drawn to the gorgeous mossy green color in the high-gloss finish.. They are vintage NOS beads (New Old Stock) and are separated with little UFO saucers of swirly berry Czech glass goodness.

As I contemplated a design for these beads, I was immediately taken back to my days as a young girl living in South Carolina.

Swan Lake was a block away and a popular feature of the city. My cousins and I would wander all around that small lake catching tadpoles and wading at the edge of the water. The lake's surroundings were infused with gorgeous botanical gardens and with that were prolific water lily pads. These water lily pads were a deep, slick, moss green just like these beads!

This set of a handmade necklace and handmade bracelet is quite snazzy. The beads, although large, lay on the neck well and create a fabulous look for under a collar or with a simple neckline. I love to mix colors and would wear this as a neutral, if you can believe that! Picture it with purple, yellow, red, khaki, chocolate, maroon, and more. This is a good set for larger frames too.

You can see them here!

GalleriaLinda's Handmade Water Lily Pad Necklace

GalleriaLinda's Handmade Water Lily Pad Bracelet

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