Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Twice a That Too Much to Ask?

Ooh, how my blogs suffer so!! LOL.

I am just now turning over a new leaf. I'm a late bloomer, I know. My New Year's resolutions are finally being addressed. I told myself that I would blog twice a week and now the year is almost half gone.

Well, in my favor, I have done two blog posts per week for the past couple of weeks. *Beams*

I work full time and I like to make Jewelry, so blogging time is thin, although I love it.

I thought at the beginning of the year that I would "wait" for my blog/website redo to Wordpress (to be done by me - yeah...the lady with no time) before posting again, and therefore the huge time lag. The "new" blog is in its infancy. I have installed Wordpress onto my server and there it sits for months.

If you desire your own Wordpress blog on your server, contact Yamile Yemoonyah at!

Sign up for CreativeWebBiz's FREE tutorials on how to setup  your own Wordpress site!

I did and these tutorials helped me with creating my consulting website, which by the way, is pretty much done but has been sitting for months because I have not pointed the domain. Crazy? Yes!!

Now, I am starting my jewelry website and blog the same way.

She was wonderful and her tutorials are so easy to understand. She was also available for questions.

A new blog will be announced soon, I hope!And sign up for Yamille's free tutorials for Wordpress!

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