Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Pendant Envy

There are many gorgeous jewelry designs out there that have wonderful sterling and gem pendants. I have been envious of these pendants!

Pendants in sterling silver and quality gems, even at wholesale, are extremely expensive and that cost is passed onto jewelry clients.

Many clients collect and desire high-quality, top-of-the line sterling and gems. But many cannot afford that quality but love the designs. That creates a marketing niche of clients that want the look but not the high expense. 

After sourcing for quite a while, I found several vendors who offer silver plate pendants with stones that are color enhanced.

These are not meant to pass for Grade A quality or for sterling silver and all my listings will be clearly marked, but they have their place in lower-priced jewelry that is more than costume jewelry but less than "fine" jewelry.

Cafe Chunky Vintage Bead Necklace
with Imperial Jasper Pendant

These pendants will add both interesting and beautiful elements to necklace designs. I can't wait to get more created!! I selected many of the pendants to go with beads that I have and to be used in designs in my head. 

Some may end up in the GalleriaLinda Beads shop on Zibbet, too!

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