Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pantone's 2011 Color Trends Intrepreted in Beads!

Pantone is the driving force with color trends for all things, such as home furnishings, fashion, paint colors, and even ink colors for printing! Because fashion follows this trend, it makes sense that jewelry designers might utilize some of the current colors. This allows for market-friendly jewelry that will coordinate specifically with 2011 fashion.

This chart shows the Pantone colors for 2011, along with selections from the GalleriaLinda Beads Shop of vintage and Czech beads. What lovely color combinations this year!

By the way, the first one - the Pantone Honeysuckle, was chosen as the year's hottest color as Color of the Year! Visit GalleriaLinda Beads for your on-trend bead selections now. You are invited too to visit GalleriaLinda's Contemporary Handmade and Silver Wire Jewelry shops!

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