Thursday, March 17, 2011

Contemporary Pearl Designs Popular with Young Ladies to Mature Women

A gentleman I know was polite enough to go to GalleriaLinda's Contemporary Beaded Jewelry shop at my teasing request to "check it out," but he then told me he was so impressed with my design style that he wanted to purchase the contemporary pearls for his wife. 

The pearl necklaces I create for GalleriaLinda are made with the fabulous Crystalized(tm) Swarovski Crystal Pearls that have the amazing pearly finish and even more amazing color selections. I am not a fan of "pearl jewelry" in general, but love to work with the Swarovski crystal pearls in contemporary colors and designs!

To my surprise, he also wanted an additional one just like the one pictured above to give to his mother of 80 years old! Unfortunately, I did not have the exact colors but promised to make the exact design of 43 inches that could be worn very long flapper style or doubled, but would incorporate golden crystal pearls instead of the pink. He was very excited about that.

His mother absolutely loved the necklace. His wife apparently is reluctant to take hers off. So, SUCCESS happened with making my GalleriaLinda Gals feel special!