Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Design Process is as Individual as Snowflakes

All designers have their individual processes to create their design vision. Some will draw in order to implement. Others will lay out elements in order to implement.

It does not matter what type of designer you are, you likely will utilize your individual design process in all design efforts.

Early in my career as a commercial interior designer specializing in large hospital projects, I assembled design elements the way that came most naturally to me. Mid-career, as a graphic artist, I found that the same design process was comfortable and effective. Today, as I work on corporate design projects both in print and online, it is the same process.

When working on my
 GalleriaLinda jewelry designs, I discovered that all these years, my natural way is a very meandering and organic one. That has been my history! Discovery of elements, colors, textures that work well are very visual to me. Sometimes, I will toss a bead aside only to find that it looks gorgeous with a bead next to it once it lands!

The way I like to design earrings is to pull out beads and charms that appeal to me that day. My room becomes a mess, but a colorful mess. As the design engine is fueled, I start to make mock-ups for the earrings I wish to complete. The photo above is an example of how I work.

I use metal head pins just for the mock-ups. The finished earrings will be put onto handmade and hammered sterling silver ear wires and head pins.

To try the organic, meandering way, here is what you will need:

  • Cheap plastic empty ice trays - white is best
  • Cheap metal head pins - preferably with the loop on the end to accommodate beads with larger holes
  • Lots of beads and charms
  • Lots of imagination!
Each bead I take out will take me to another colorful or textured spacer or charm, and likewise, they take me on to other beads. It is a road well traveled to get to a fabulous design.
These 28 earrings designs will be completed in the coming months. To finish them, I will need to divide them into categories:
  • Shiny sterling silver
  • Oxidized black sterling silver
  • Handmade kidney wire shapes
  • Handmade French wire shapes
  • Handmade head pins with hammered ends
  • Handmade head pins with hammered loop ends
In the coming weeks, I will make the ear wires and the hammered head pins from sterling silver. I will figure out how many I need in the oxidized black patina for the oxidation process. So, the creating continues but the design part is what I enjoy the best!

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