Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Organic Foods Buying Club Coming to Lakeland, FL!

You are Invited to Join a Lakeland Organic Produce Buying Club!

I am trying to organize a Lakeland group for Annie’s Organic Buying Club that delivers organic vegetables and fruits at a reduced price from retail. 

Annie’s covers a lot of Florida and is located in Osprey, FL. I have talked to Annie and have the information to get a group started and we are going to make it happen!

As you will see from the web site, there are opportunities to purchase additional organic milks, nuts, meats, etc… as add-ons. For detailed information, please see the web site: www.anniesbuyingclub.com

Please pass this on to any family or friends that would be interested!

To Start the Lakeland Club, We are Looking for:

·         12 + Lakeland members to commit to purchase either weekly or every other week (options for skipping for vacations, etc…) – this forms a club – SIGN UP ON WEB SITE

·         1 coordinator position to handle the coordination of the produce drop off from Annie’s and pickup from members on one day a week (see details below),

If you want to join as a purchaser, select Lakeland – it will show as not "live" but we have to have people sign up first in order to "go live." Go to the web site and sign up for LAKELAND. You will be put on a list and then notified when we have enough members and a coordinator to start.

On the web site, you can see lists of foods included in the boxes. The types of fruits and vegetables vary according to season.

Here’s how it works:

Buying club membership
  • Join as a FREE member to purchase – no fees or paid subscriptions – you just pay for your boxes on schedule – see web site for all options of boxes to purchase.
  • You commit to purchase a “full share, “half share,” or "juicing" box,  either every week or every other week (you can skip weeks with prior planning for vacations, etc…please read all about the skipping process on the web site so you are informed as you have to do it at least a week in advance).
  • You commit to pick up your purchases one specific day a week during a 2-3 hour window of time. The day is determined by Annie’s routing schedule and the time and flexibility of the pick-up window is determined by the coordinator position. There is a $5 late fee for late pick up IF the coordinator position requires it be within the hours. Some coordinators can be more flexible.
Potential Coordinators:
At this time, we have one potential coordinator. If you are interested also, please let Annie know in case we need one or an alternate.
  • For your time, you will receive your “share” (box) for FREE each week (full box is $60 value retail)
  •  Current clubs throughout Florida consist of 12 to 17 members.
  •  On the specified delivery day, you accept the delivery – day and time of delivery is not flexible and is determined by the routing of Annie’s trucks.
  • You will sort the boxes per your way of organizing for members to pick-up, documenting your list of members and pickups.
  • You will be available during your publicized pick-up times to receive members – your choice whether to be flexible with late pickups.
  • Most payments for the boxes purchased by members are online direct to Annie’s account, however, some may pay by cash or check. If you have cash or checks or late fees, you will make a direct deposit to Annie’s BOA account and then email a confirmation. 
  • Coordinator position may be only a 3-4 hour commitment of time (or less) of time on one day a week for a coordinator. The fewer members, the fewer hours. Most clubs are 12-17 members.
  • Must have an open area for delivery of produce boxes from Annie’s and for pickup by members – some coordinators use their home garage for that day or an available business area that can be coordinated. The boxes will be out of the way that same day after member pickup.

Let’s make this happen! There is nothing better for your family than organic vegetables and fruits. Go to Annie’s Organic Buying Club and sign up for Lakeland! I would be excited to see your comments if you sign up - just curious to see how close we are to making it go live!


  1. Did you know there is already an organic produce co-op which services the Lakeland area and delivers the produce to your front door? www.greensavingsco-op.weebly.com

  2. Wish we lived in Lakeland, FL area ~ would love to be part of this! BTW, beautiful jewelry!

  3. Thank you! I wish you were too!

    I am looking forward to getting this group going. We have only a few more members to get then we "go live."

  4. How I wish we live in Lakeland, FL. I have a friend somewhere in FL

  5. ok, so i just stumbled upon this and I wanted to know if you ever got this thing running? I live in Lakeland and would love more info on how to take part :) thanks

  6. Hi Luisa - yes, the organic buying club is thiving!

    Not only does Lakeland have 1 group, but now 3 groups and another pending. Current locations are by FSC, Lake Morton, and South Lakeland off Shepherd Road. Boxes are large and fresh.

    Go here for details: http://anniesbuyingclub.com/, click on "join the club" and there are drop-downs to see the locations. Actual pick up locations are given out after one joins since most are handled at a residence.

    Hope you get this note!