Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Beaded Jewelry Design Trends for 2011

Fresh from Beading Daily, comes the top four beaded jewelry trends for 2011. It is exciting that GalleriaLinda is actually on track with trends! As a jewelry designer, GalleriaLinda desires to create jewelry that people will appreciate and designs for the vision, not fads. The coming trends fit perfectly into GalleriaLinda's design vision.

Top Four Beaded Jewelry Design Trends (from the Beading Daily Blog):

Metal work structure in beaded design brings a contemporary and edgy look to beading. GalleriaLinda makes most clasps, ear wires, and head pins by forming and hammering sterling wire, sometimes with flourish and design elements! This gives a handmade, handcrafted, unique look and structure to the jewelry.
Flower and floral motifs are easy to work out in beadwork and floral colors inspire even the most sophisticated designers.GalleriaLinda's floral motifs are often stylized and frequently added by using special vintage charms and beads.

The trend for jewelry shapes is going minimal. Large, bold, and streamlined designs are new looks. GalleriaLinda's unique design perspective has always been largely minimalist and bold from the very beginning.

By incorporating vintage styles from the 1950s and 1960s, jewelry designers capture some of these trends described above: metals, florals, and minimalism. GalleriaLinda designs especially with these rare and unique vintage beads and charms that are often limited in supply.

If these jewelry trends are for you, then you will be delighted with GalleriaLinda's jewelry sold on Zibbet and GalleriaLinda's jewelry on!

If you are a jewelry designer looking for beads, charms and components that work with these trends, be sure to visit GalleriaLinda's bead shop!

Happy New Year!


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