Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Guerrilla Crochet in Unexpected Places

Did you see this? I just had to post about this! Guerrilla artists are vying for the element of surprise in unexpected places and this artist accomplished that! This is the New York City Wall Street bull sculpture that has been entirely covered in a hand-crochet pattern.

Original post: http://animalnewyork.com/2010/12/wall-street-bull-crocheted/

From the blog, here is the caption:  "NYC’s Crocheted Olek (a.k.a. Polish-born Agata Olek) hit up the Wall Street Bull and encapsulated it inside crocheted neon. “It lasted 2 hours,” she tells HFA, “but it was there…” She writes that it’s “a tribute to the sculptor of the bull, Arturo di Modica, who in another guerrilla act, placed the bull on Wall Street in Christmas of 1987 as a symbol of the ‘strength and power of the American people’ following the 1987 Stock Market crash.” And there it was. Since the bull is fully visible, and not horn-tip-deep in snow, this happened before the storm. Nice timing, Olek."

Guerrilla art not only brings the element of surprise, but brings delight in the unexpected art form that can lighten your day and put a spring in your step!

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