Saturday, November 13, 2010

Waiting for Thanksgiving

With great anticipation, we are waiting for Thanksgiving!

Better than turkey, dressing, and gravy, are seasonal oranges straight off the tree. Our backyard "Amber Sweet" orange tree always bears ripe fruit right at Thanksgiving, as if to purposely offer up some natural goodness to the occasion!

Above is a photo of the fruit's progress so far this season. In two weeks, they will be perfect!

Amber Sweets are juicing oranges and all you have to do is cut one open to see those golden drops of sweet juice gushing out. They are fabulous to just eat after peeling but you must eat them over a bowl!

Last year's harvest was the best yet and we hope for a great one this year!


  1. They look good so far! We're waiting for our oranges to be ready, too!

  2. hopefully you get another rich harvest this year! they sure look juicy, would love to have a bite myself.

  3. this inspires me even more to plant trees in our "future" backyard!

  4. wow! that orange juice looks insanely delicious! Makes me crave my own tree! :)

    Love your fantastic blog! Beautiful jewelry Linda!

    Maybe you can stop by my blog sometime! :)

    The Working Girl's Shoe Closet