Thursday, November 11, 2010

Charming Additions to Jewelry Design

I am very endeared to this wonderful array of different vintage charms! Some are Lucite, some are aged metal, and others are even inset with glass jewels.

I started to use vintage acrylic beads in my designs last year and love to work with them. They are very inspiring.

Recently, I've discovered vintage charms of all kinds. Some have such great, old, aged, patina that no amount of money or chemicals could accomplish.

These are "new old stock," which means they are unused and uncirculated jewelry parts.

There are dozens of old factory closeouts in the US. The bead suppliers who specialize in these will literally take days to travel to these warehouses and manually pick through box after box.

I would be in heaven!

But it is back-breaking work, much like panning for gold. But, when you hit the "mother lode," it is worth it.

You can see these and other charming designs in GalleriaLindaLoft's Zibbet shop for earrings. Other great handmade jewery can be found in GalleriaLinda's shop!

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  1. What beautiful earrings! I am from the Tampa Bay area and I hope someday I get to meet you.