Saturday, November 6, 2010

Butterflies for the Fall - For Real!

(All photos in this blog post are ©2010 Copyright John Evans, All Rights Reserved)
To compliment my last post about "Butterflies for the Fall" that featured fabulous earring designs by GalleriaLinda using sterling butterflies and uncirculated vintage enameled butterflies, I wanted to share a couple of new photos from my friend, John Evans.

You can read more about John and his photography in my post entitied "Artistic Photography from the Most Unlikely Source."

These photos are from Florida's Crescent Lake, where John has a listing for over 1,000 acres! This vast parcel has an airstrip, two custom homes, hunting cabins, a dock, and wildlife galore (in case you are looking for a Florida get-a-way)! You can also access the Atlantic Ocean from the property via the St. Johns River waterway - this is one of Florida's most prime locations.

In the middle of all the rare property features are gorgeous wildflowers and butterfiles! Even though it is fall here in Florida, butterflies abound. Enjoy the photos!

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  1. So beautiful and thanks for sharing! The butterflies and flowers have expired up here in northern VA and I miss them....