Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Butterflies for the Fall

I have been on an earring binge! Making them that is. Earrings, from an unscientific and unofficial poll, are the most sought-after piece of jewelry. They are worn more often that other pieces and can add a spark to an outfit.

Here are two fabulous butterfly earrings to brighten your fall season!

The red ones are very special because the butterflies themselves are genuine, enameled "new old stock" (NOS) vintage charms from Asia. They are not only charming but colorful! I paired them with a bright red and brown Czech cathedral glass bead that was a perfect compliment to the butterflies.

The silver ones are sterling with tiny faceted Czech glass beads in charcoal. The sterling butterflies have selective oxidation to bring out the pattern. These are very easy to wear and will go with everything!

For a continuing parade of gorgeous earrings, please visit GalleriaLinda's Zibbet shop! Many are made from special NOS charms or beads. Many have sterling features. All are interesting designs!

1 comment:

  1. These are beautiful! All of your work is wonderful, but I'm a little partial to butterflies of course :)