Sunday, November 28, 2010

Vintage Metal Filigree Components are Not Always Frilly

 I am loving using vintage components, beads, and charms in my jewelry work! Each one is so different and inspiring..

If you know my work, you realize that I do not use a lot of "froo froo" with filigree, bunches of charms, romantic looks, etc...

I do love those looks and there are jewelry artisans that create absolutely gorgeous jewelry with this signature. Although I love to admire these designs, they are not for me personally. I think as creatives, we create designs that we personally love, otherwise, where would be the passion?

When I came upon these great vintage filigree round beads, I was wondering how to work them. I noticed almost an architectural look to the patterns and took it from there by adding metal spacers that look "gear-like." The vintage filigree beads are the star of the show in these designs.

You can see these and many more interesting designs in the

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