Sunday, August 15, 2010

Amazing Retro Vintage Shop! Nestled in Lakeland's Outter Downtown

I recently visited an amazing shop here in Lakeland, FL!

I was not expecting "amazing," but when I walked in, it literally made me stop and take it all in. It is dark and brooding but draws you in with an eyefull of magnificent finds that keep pulling you through the shop.

360 Unlimted is a retro vintage shop that has everything but the kitchen sink (and maybe even that)!.

The store presentation is delightfully creative and designed by M. Julian Figueroa, who is Visual Arts Manager of this fabulous place. There are "rooms" and nook and crannies that are small vignettes showcasing great retro loot of eras gone by. You can find a lot of funk and camp here too.

The clothing selection is huge and includes jeans, dresses, shoes, hats, purses, accessories, and jewelry. Home decor with fabulous funky lighting, furniture, wall art, old campy TVs, retro telephones, and much more than I can mention here are dotted throughout the store. If you are a vintage or retro junkie, this is a must see!

Owner, Christine Lamont, shares that this store is exactly what she has always wanted to do as a business. As a business professional that has worked for a hospital for 17 years, the store gives her the creative outlet she desires, as well as the fun of sourcing these wonderful items. Enlisting her daughter, Nicole, the shop is open for browsers and buyers alike.

As a marketing professional by day, of course I had to "talk marketing" with her. She said that her clientele demographic are college age, young adults, then the older adults that lived with these items who want a walk down memory lane. This is the place to get "cool home decor!" I agreed with her as I see that the people who love my GalleriaLindaLoft's vintage jewelry online are that same demographic.

The "cool" items found in this shop have been seen in several videos and is the place where creatives gleefully look for retro props.

Much more than a "vintage shop," 360 Unlimited has taken vintage shopping to the next level by making your visit a memorable experience.

If you go...they are located at 911 South Florida Avenue in Lakeland, FL. You will find them nestled right next to Southside Cleaners. A tip for parking is in order as there are only two spots in the front. Just turn into the side lot and you will be good to go!


  1. Looks amazing!!! I would love to check it out! If I drive straight for about 30 hours I could be there by Tuesday morning ;)
    Wish I could.... :)

  2. i've been to this shop a few times! they have some fantastic deals, and the window displays are OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!! where do they come up with this stuff? besides, Mr Julian is a hottie!

  3. Wow, if I lived there I'd be a regular customer!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and your kind comment. Much appreciated :)

    best wishes,