Monday, August 23, 2010

Vintage Beads Are So Inspiring

I have fallen in love with plastic beads, especially uncirculated vintage beads. The word "plastic" to me is kind of a negative word but I have found that "plastics" (acrylic and Lucite) have properties that allow for fabulous design and texture possibilities.

Pictured are yummy vintage beads made from quality acrylic and Lucite. You can find 64 varieties of colorful vintage beads in GalleriaLinda Bead's online shop on Zibbet!

Be sure to check the whole GalleriaLinda Bead shop at for vintage beads, Czech glass beads, unusual sterling beads, large beads, wooden beads, stone beads, Vintaj, findings, and crazy found items of the creative kind (lol).

More beads are listed throughout the week. Oh gosh, I have boxes of beads to list and little time but I keep chipping away at it so keep checking back.

Here is a photo for just a peek at what is "on the bench" using these wonderful vintage beads.

I counted yesterday 12 unfinished designs that need to get finished!!


  1. Checked out your vintage beads, they are gorgeous. I usually work with natural stones, but your vintage beads have got me interested. I might come back for some.

  2. Regina - that is how I felt too! I was always a "Czech glass" girl but these vintage beads have me completely inspired! Thanks for your comment.