Thursday, April 8, 2010

Just a Quick Note About - New Selling Venue

A new handmade selling venue is on the scene and I am sure you have seen Zibbet mentioned on the Etsy forum and elsewhere. Sellers are taking shops faster than a skinny minute! Some of you know that I try a variety of selling venues to find out what is a fit.

Currently, I sell on, Etsy, Artfire (free), and Bonanzle.
I just opened a GalleriaLindaLoft shop on I have tried and decided "no" on HandmadeFuzion, eCrater, BigCartel, and 1000Markets. Yup, I have tried them all.

Why Zibbet? Well if you will check out their sellers features, you might swoon. I have opened up my bead shop and my vintage shop - it was fast and easy. I will be upgrading to the pro shop shortly since now that I have tried it out, I really love it! The site is so clean looking that our products are actually showcased. That is one thing I dislike about Artfire - it is so busy that you cannot focus on the artisan goods.

I am looking for the right venue for my three products - handmade jewelry, vintage jewelry, and beads. I found my place for GalleriaLinda handmade jewelry on and love it there. It suits handmade jewelry and they only take handmade items - no vintage or supplies.

Etsy is so squirrely right now that I am frustrated with no views and certainly no sales. My sales came to a screeching halt the first of March and views are few and far between. Besides, my Etsy listing fees are more per month than Zibbet's current fees. I will save money! I have only seven items in the Zibbet GalleriaLindaLoft vintage shop and people are looking! You can't sell unless you have people looking, I always say, so it is a breath of fresh air.

Since Zibbet is new, they, of course, do not equal the traffic of 5-year old Etsy. But you can bet they are catching up with others. Check to compare venues. Zibbet is just under 1000markets in traffic with only less than a year under their belt. They have already beat out Silkfair. Both of those venues have been around several years.

Let's just say I like this venue and wanted to announce my shops.

If you want to open a customizable pro shop, you are invited to use my referral code. For every PRO shop referral will give me $1 off each month! Once you set up a shop, you can participate as well to get $1 off each month for each referral. All it takes is networking!

If you have friends already on Zibbet, by all means use their referal codes, but at least use someone's.Here's to a breath of fresh air!


  1. I couldn't agree more! I love Zibbet and have 95 sales there already. I got the referrals needed and have a free shop. It's easy to do. Highly recommended.

  2. Great post about Zibbet. I'm off to check them out. You might want to change the title on your Zibbet page - It says Vinage Treasures rather than Vintage.

  3. Thanks Spit Rock! Will take care of that typo - thanks for the great eye!

  4. I will definitely check out Zibbet. I too am frustrated with Etsy for the same reasons as you. So thank you for sharing the info on that new site!

  5. Thank you for the info! I will check it out soon. I'm also a fellow Etsy seller and have not had many sales recently.

  6. Great post! I'm going to check out Zibbet :)

  7. I totally agree about Etsy. I am thrilled to find this info on Zibbet. I have debated what other venue to sell on. On my way to sign up.

  8. I just opened a Zibbet shop too (have an etsy and 1000markets) and was surprised at all the traffic. I have accounts at other places but don't feel like paying to upgrade at those sites.