Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Wonderful Find That Takes Me Back

Finding vintage and antique treasures takes us back to times gone by and oddly, this little pin brought back many warm memories of my grandmother - but in different ways than you think!

The pin is circa 40s or 50s and is adorable! It is artist-signed and handmade vintage. It can be found in GalleriaLindaLoft's Vintage Shop.

It is porcelain and reminiscent of my Grandma's fried chicken plate. My Grandmother cooked huge meals every day and friends and family would "happen by" at dinner time. Whoever showed up was treated to a fabulous meal and friendship. And, fried chicken was a staple for the crowd she fed. She had a special porcelain china platter just for her fabulous fried chicken that I still have today. That plate has memories of large family gatherings and good ole southern soul food cooking.

The pin is a lovely unusual hexagon and is slightly concave much like a little plate. It has a hand painted metallic gold rim that is a little worn here and there - just like real antique china, and with a hand painted peach and leaves that still show the brush strokes. On close inspection with a magnifying glass, I see a little crazing that is not noticeable to the eye - but crazing can add to the charm of antique porcelain as well. Grandma's fried chicken plate has crazing too!

Well, this is a little piece of antique art for your lapel with great colors that bring home the warmth of memories and days gone by. Don't miss this one - it will be a conversation piece.

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  1. very pretty pin... would have been a great platter! {:-D