Saturday, August 15, 2009

Product Video Captures Attention!

There are all kinds of video sharing and photo slide show utilities online for small businesses to use for their marketing.

One interesting online video utility I recently found is Animoto.

With photos, you can produce a 30-second video for free! When you become proficient at your video productions, you may want to make a full, unlimited video for only $3 each or get an annual pass for $30 per year.

I uploaded basic jewelry product photos just to see what the free plan would do. After doing this test video, I am now ready to figure out how to make it engaging. Some thoughts are to make it a "story," starting maybe with a photo or two of your location and photos of you working on your craft that are intermixed with the product photos. Title pages are good too.

There are easy ways to share your free video with MySpace, Facebook, and twitter, as well as upload to YouTube.

You can check out the Handcrafted Jewelery 30-second test video here. Remember, it has music that will start up and it is just a quick try. I see good potential and a great start to making this a useful marketing tool! Online video utilities make expanding your marketing toolbox to video easy.

If you have had success with other video production online utilities, please post here to share your experiences!


  1. I LOVE your video - and I was really digging that music - sort of an Indian/Arabic vibe thing going on! You've got some wonderful jewelry.

  2. Curious about this, but the design nerd in me really wants to figure out how to make one on my Mac. After ll, I've got a movie program on here and uploading videos to YouTube is free! Woo hoo :) When I have time...

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  4. Your jewelry is beautiful and I am so impressed with how elegant and clear your photos are. Wish I could manage that!

    I love Animoto too! I stumbled across it several months ago and made several videos for myself and friends. I love how easy it is to use and how I was able to create completely different moods to each video, just based on the music I chose (most of which is free to use) and the text I added. I hope I am not being rude by posting this, but thought you might like to see what I mean, so here are a couple of them:

    By the way, it's not online, but you might want to give Windows Movie Maker a try too. It comes on most computers and is fairly easy to use. I just tried it the other day for the first time ever and was surprised at what I was able to do with it.