Monday, June 22, 2009

Back to Basics

When I started making jewelry for other people, bracelets were my staple. You could not stop me! It was like Picasso's "blue period." Bracelet after bracelet after bracelet.

Then, after months, well, frankly more like close to a year, I fell in love with making earrings. Then, necklaces caught my fancy. Now I go in spurts of frenzy-creating from one to another.

I am back to my basics making bracelets for a while again. This weekend I made 5 bracelets and can't wait to get them listed. This particular red jasper bracelet with one-huge-Bali-sterling-bead turned out so fine. The red jasper is incredible and you can see this in GalleriaLinda's shop on iCraft! The handmade clasp is so comfortable and easy to close too - it really adds to the design.

Tell me your story of creating frenzies!

1 comment:

  1. Just gorgeous bracelet. Do you have earings to match? ... say with the silver bead in them also? Are they heavy for pierced ears? How about a necklace. Love the Jasper and silver combo. Very classy.