Saturday, May 23, 2009

Weathering the Economic Storm with Earrings

Isn't that just like a woman? When the economy goes down, ladies buy earrings! At least I'm hopin'. Well, really, they are.

Last fall when the economy in the US was at a standstill, I made a decision to stock GalleriaLinda's iCraft shop with $12.99 USD earrings. That is not a huge investment, but still, earrings can be a great wardrobe brightener.

And, it worked. I have had new customers purchase earrings the last few months and I have been in an earring designing frenzy for a while, making up a storm!

A small business has to be nimble without devaluing the product. Adding a less expensive option to my shop made a lot of sense!


  1. Thank you.

    Very good advice.

  2. Way cool idea - I have earrings in my store too - but haven't concentrated on it....nothing like reading about your experience to get motivated!


  3. Thanks Linda, it's nice to hear such practical optiism! And good advice, I need to do the same in my shop...

  4. er, optiism sounds like it could be a good thing too, but I meant optimism!:)

  5. You're a savy lass! When the big-boy competition reels in, that's when the little guys can flourish! Thanks for sharing.