Wednesday, April 16, 2008

GalleriaLinda Expands!

GalleriaLinda has brought to customers interesting contemporary beaded jewelry designs since October 2006. Armed with a web site and a merchant site, GalleriaLinda transitioned into the cyberworld of consumer retail sales. At the end of 2007, international shipping was introduced and handshakes across the oceans made many wonderful friends from other countries!

In February 2008, another GalleriaLinda shop opened via

The Loft at GalleriaLinda

The Loft at GalleriaLinda (or GalleriaLindaLoft, as known by Etsy user name) is all that a cozy loft could be! Browse around to find commercial beading supplies, vintage charms, vintage jewelry, and more! Dig through piles of interesting treasures. Prices range from the ridiculous to the sublime, but what fun.

Watch the blog for stories about The Loft at GalleriaLinda and GalleriaLinda, for they are plentiful!

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