Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Urban Rain Forest

I have had this necklace focal bead for almost a year and carried it around with me in my purse to bead shops everywhere! In my mind, I envisioned the perfect beads to complement this gorgeous focal bead. Breads of chalky off white that were the same color as the inlaid material of the focal bead.

The focal bead is from a vintage necklace that a dear friend gave to me to repurpose - a hippie kind of necklace. The bead deserved to come out of the closet and into sophistication.

While shopping one day, these luscious milky mint beads just caught my eye and I immediately thought about the focal bead. What a GREAT color to accent the bead - it was not at all what I had in mind, but was better!!

The bracelet was conceptualized as rain forest leaves. I used these great bronze Czech pressed glass leaf beads in a different way. Rather than putting them on a wire for them to "dangle," I thought the creative style would be best served with stringing them as I would if I were picking them up from the forest floor!

I named this set "Urban Rain Forest" because it was so fresh in design, fresh in color, and earthy in components!

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