Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I seldom work with watches, but I was inspired by this red-faced watch with deep black patina when I came across this black and red chevron bead. It was a perfect marriage!

Remembering the fashion-forward watch necklaces and rings from the 70s and 80s, I decided to do a watch necklace. It is designed with that inspiring bead that was adorned with a sexy tassel and red/black accent beads. The clasp itself is handcrafted from silver wire by me!

My web site is shared with a lot of people that I meet and one day I mentioned it to a nice gentleman I had just met. At the time, I had some jewelry samples I was showing the ladies in the group, including the watch necklace. The next day, he let me know that he wanted the watch necklace and custom earrings for his wife. I was so tickled! It was a surprise for her upon their leaving for a concert that week. It is these kinds of happenings that just make me beam!

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