Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tools of the Trade AND Some Bling

Today was an exciting day!! When I order supplies, I always look forward to receiving the items, but it can take days to get here. In addition, I had to order those unglamorous "tools of the trade" rather than a lot of bling. I much prefer Bling!

However, while surfing the "time machine" the other day, I came across this gorgeous chain that I had to have - I mean: h-a-d to h-a-v-e. It was calling my name. A full 18" of silverplate glory!! And it came today! From a great Etsy Seller, I can't tell you enough how shiny gorgeous it is. It is real blinding BLING.

I had in mind mixing it with other chain styles and elements to design a contemporary necklace, but frankly, I may just put a clasp on it and throw it on my own neck! It is a "wowza" chain design with an awesome finish.

I also got my box of seemingly uninteresting "tools of the trade." Now that I see them all, I am excited about all the potential that these tools in the box represent.

Items for working with beads, wire work, and polymer clay are going to join my expanding studio of tricks. What an exciting day!


  1. Oh,those are fun tools! The tools that I don't think are so fun buying are things like crimps, jump rings, clasps (yes,I do make some of my own clasps and jump rings), but I also like to have some premade so I can just grab them up. :) Just ordered some more SS Wire, clasps and jump rings a few days ago. I did have to thrown in some gemstones to make it more exciting, though *smile* Hoping to get my goody bag today (at least one of them) I have two separate orders coming! *YAY*

  2. I love tools! What a fun shipment of goods you got! You're right that chain is beautiful.

  3. Oh, I love it all. The right tool can make such a difference, and the right bead or touch of silver. Love it all!