Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Indiana Summer

What a beautiful time to be back in Indiana!

The trees are filled out and so lush and dense.

The flowers are putting on their best show - peonies, pansies, iris, day lilies... Even the birds are vibrant indigo and yellow. Humming birds, chipmunks, even deer......I have reconnected to Indiana with appreciation and have missed that landscape all these years. Florida is flat with palms and pines - so different.

I went back "home" this past weekend to see five of my dearest friends - 2 -1/2 days of non-stop talking and rooting through jewelry! What fun we had!

Three friends came from Texas, one from another part of Indiana, and me from Florida - all staying with our friend in West Lafayette.

After the dust settled, all went home via car and plane, decked out in GalleriaLinda pieces!

Here are two of my friends wearing their GalleriaLinda selections:

Sue selected this polymer clay pendant from my "organic design" collection.

Laurie has on one of my new "Casual Neckwear Collection" pieces with matching earrings.

Others went home with lots of necklaces and bracelets!


  1. I love your photos of the flowers, Linda!


  2. Laurie and Sue do your jewelry proud!! Jan

  3. Dressing up and putting on the jewels, oh it sounds like you had a wonderful time , nothing like visiting with good friends.

  4. Beautiful flowers and the photos of your friends and jewelry are nice too. Sounds like it was a fun time.