Thursday, June 21, 2007

Do You Moo?

Moo Cards are a new innovation and great for your marketing efforts! I wanted to share this discovery because they make a lot of sense in the marketing world of trying to stand out in the crowd. They look very professional!

The are about half the size of a regular business card and you can have 100 printed, each with a different photo (or with any number of photos if you wish).

Some sellers use them as business cards, earring cards, and collectibles. Your contact information is printed on the back.

They are a little more expensive than standard business cards because they are photo quality, but you will soon see how effective they can be.

My strategy will be to continue to use my printed business cards but use MOO for those special events, meetings, contacts, and times you want to impress, like meeting with a potential wholesaler. How great it would be to slip these in your shipping packages. They are so pretty and in a unique size that people may keep them just because they are beautiful.

You can see a variety of Moo Cards that people have ordered here and here. Learn about how to get your own Moo Cards here. These are great little coversation starters too and they can show 100 pieces of your jewelry!