Saturday, November 17, 2007


Indeed, time...marches...on, so hang onto your hat, fasten your seatbelt, and enjoy the ride!

Today is November 17. My last post was July 12. Much time has past and posting gave way to a whirlwind of events over the last few months.

I am anxious to share a lot of things I have learned -- about life -- about craft -- about working with others -- about dreams.

Do you have dreams?

One of my dreams has been to find a "doable" business for a second income. Yes, my jewelry brings in some income, but that creative process is for me, my inner self, and I don't want to make it my "have to" job. I can't make it as such -- it is my inner sanctum.

Answers to prayers, answers to desires, often come when least expected. It did.

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