Monday, June 4, 2007

Stranger Sales

I had my first "stranger sale" about two weeks ago and had been waiting for this for six months! How uplifting is that! Now a *stranger* - who does no know me or buy because they love me - purchased a great memory bracelet from GalleriaLinda.

Etsy seller (and buyer!) Snicketypop bought this great memory wire bracelet - one of my favorits and one that had gotten a ton of views.

Just today, I got my second "stranger sale," much to my surprise, from an Etsy buyer. It was purchased the day it was listed - a beautiful pair of inexpensive Cats Eye earrings.

Now that I have my second "stranger sale" under my belt, I am re-energized and ready to make and post new and exciting things.

I am working on more earrings, which I have not done much with, and also some polymer clay pendants. Keep watch for awesome, affordable things from GalleriaLinda!


  1. Your photos are GREAT. They really show off your items.


  2. Congratulations on the sale and I love the square beads you used in the bracelet.

  3. I love stranger sales, never referred to them that way before, but I love my stranger customers.

  4. I just love that bracelet - the colors are so calming. And thanks for leaving such a lovely comment on my blog!