Friday, June 8, 2007

The Call of Summer

Since I took a short wire wrapping class several weeks ago, I am obsessed with making earrings. The teacher warned of this! Earrings are so creative because I can use minimal beads but contrast colors and textures.

Here is a photo I took of several I made. The colors are just delicious summer!

The earrings pictured in the group all include iridescent luster beads that change color with light and position. So shimmery and glimmery - they are beautiful.
You can see many of the earrings I am cranking out on my Flickr page!

With every new product, I have a learning curve on photo backgrounds. Earrings are small and I want to capture the dimension.

I have been experimenting with photo backgrounds for earrings and have included small pottery that seems to work well.

Going through my cupboards brought forth a bunch of things! Stone ashtrays, small vases, even a pottery incense burner!

Found a large earthen pot with lid that worked well too. I hope the photos are not too busy but I think that selecting the right pottery can make the earrings pop in the picture.

Neutral, stoney, matt finished pottery is what I like to see.

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  1. Linda , The earring are lovely and your pictures are perfect. I love the bronze and blue they are perfect. lou