Monday, June 11, 2007

Just for Me

One of the things that comes with owning a handcraft goods online shop is that there is always the need to keep the shop fresh and flourishing. That means constantly making new designs to post.

Once in a while I yearn for something for ME!! And, I will stop and work out a design from my head that I will wear with pride. I get so excited with new jewelry!

These bracelets were originally made for my Etsy shop, but once they were done, I loved the color combination so much that I kept them for myself. I wear them often, and, some of the beads were from a necklace that my mother had so I really enjoy these bracelets that I wear together!

I am working on a couple of necklaces that I started for the shop, but I loved them so much that I am keeping them (for marketing purposes, you see.......) so I can wear them as examples.

Therefore, I will make another set to go online! Those will be posted soon. They are gorgeous!

These photos turned out so good! The miniature brass bed is something that my mother had as well and I thought it a very fitting background for these bracelets.


  1. Love the choice of colors. It's nice to make something for yourself every now and then. Come to think if it, I think it's about time I make something for me.

  2. Good for you, making something for yourself!! The photos *did* turn out great, you have a knack for that1


  3. I know the feeling. I do make jewelry just for me. Sometimes I buy an outfit and make jewelry to match and sometimes I make a necklace or bracelet and have to go shopping and buy an outfit to match the jewelry.