Sunday, May 6, 2007

New Product Line: Casual Neckwear Collection

Last month, the Casual Neckwear Collection had its debut at GalleriaLinda! See the entire gallery collection - click here!

This is a very simple and contemporary line of choker necklaces that are artfully designed for simplicity and will become a staple of any wardrobe.

The chokers are silver colored steel and black nylon coated steel wire that are cut to the customer's desired length up to 20". This allows the hard-to-fit customers a breath of fresh air in selections of their desired sizes. Very petite women may need a 14" choker, while a plus size woman may need a 20" choker. Retail jewelry usually comes in 16" to 18" cut lengths.

This is exciting to bring to my customer base and I have already had sales. Oh!!! The most exciting thing about these chokers are that they have easy magnetic clasps. Just get the ends close together and they fasten themselves! I love it! Visit GalleriaLinda on the Etsy web site to see the entire line. New designs are added ongoing!


  1. Very pretty necklaces. Good luck!

  2. The beads used in your collection are unique and pretty. They should do well.


  3. I love those beads. What are they made from?

    Great job! Congrats on having sales already!! YAY!


  4. Always a great idea to have something for everyone...we all know people come in various shapes and sizes...and everyone likes to look good.

  5. As a jeans and tshirt kind of gal myself, I really appreciate the simple but artistic necklace -- yours are beautiful!