Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Bracelet that Launched a Business

What is your business story?
Somehow, we all have one. I had not intended to start an online business, but...

I used to make jewelry for myself in college and during the early days of my interior design career. Then, time took over and I gradually phased out of it. I remember in college I wanted so badly to take a jewelry casting class but I did not have the extra time for the credits. Instead, I worked a little in my free time with a friend who took that class but it was not an optimum arrangement, as I would need access to the lab with the kiln. So I dropped that too.

Time warp past marriage, birthing, career changes, 8 moves, etc... to 2006. I made a commitment to do something I wanted to do, something I would enjoy - and jewelry was it!

The Moment
The bracelet pictured above is one of the first designs I made in 2006. I loved to make jewelry to give as as gifts for birthdays and graduations. This one was for my neighbor's daughter, who apparently loved it since the parents came over (both mom AND dad) to say that the bracelet was so great. They kept asking if I sold them. No - I said... and there launched the seed for a business. They ordered bracelets for the other two daughters and offered to take some to their offices. They were so "pushy" in encouraging me! And that is the kind of pushy I like!

Happily Ever After
Today, I sell my jewelry on on my store page and I sell also in person. You can access all my online activities on my web site at! I have a very, very special group of friends and family who have been such encouragement and buy for themselves and for gifts!

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  1. Linda!! I didn't catch on my first read that you too are an interior designer!! Girl...we gotta TALK!!
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