Sunday, April 29, 2007

Spring Basket Bracelet - Beauty from Chaos

This bracelet came out amazing! From a pile of odd green beads and glass charms, this bracelet is one of the best memory wire bracelets in my shop.

I always use contrasting colors in my items - it just "sparks" the primary color choice. In this bracelet, the sparkly cobalt seed beads between the greens adds such accented glittery glamour.

This is one of the best photos of products in my shop. I found this small journal book with handmade paper book binding. It was perfect for the style of the jewelry!


  1. I love those colors! Beautiful beads and design!
    I've tagged you! Please visit my blog to see the details! I've added your blog link to my blog...
    Best Wishes from
    Mama Trep

  2. I am so jealous of anyone who can wrangle that memory wire - I try and try but my hands just get so tired fighting with it - and you do such a gorgeous job!