Saturday, June 9, 2012

What a find! Huge Resin Beads

I just got back from a trip to Indiana. What great weather we had with warm sun and cool breezes. I loved it! Quite a welcomed change from our hot, sticky, humid Florida weather.

When I travel, I try to hit vintage shops and bead shops and often find really interesting things. Usually I visit "1st Class Clutter" - my favorite vintage shop to find great vintage jewelry. But this time, I visited again Von's Beads.

Resin beads have been somewhat of an interest to me, although most are predictable in size and style. Resin can be so luscious in feel and look. And, they can be very expensive. At Von's, all the large resin beads were behind the front door, so, I had to step aside every time someone came. There was a whole column of large resin beads of every shape and color that encompassed the width of the door up to the ceiling. Such eye candy!

Imagine my excitement when I found these resin "jewels." They are HUGE and are very artistic. I spent a pretty penny on these but had to have them. These won't end up in my bead shop - I just have to make something myself from them!

For many interesting vintage and Czech glass beads, check out GalleriaLinda Beads on Zibbet!


  1. Oh my! i LOVE the blue ones, great find. You did good.

    1. Thanks, Leslie! They are a bead lover's find. I had visions of designs for these before I was out the door. LOL!

  2. So neat and clean beads! I loved them all and just try to feel the Resin Shop from where you got these things. I love Blue Topaz Beads too much and blue color really makes to feel sea. Anyway, thanks for sharing.