Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Little Tribal Look in Bronze

When I found these vintage acrylic black and ocher disc beads, I got them but had no idea what I would do with them. I put a few in GalleriaLinda's Bead Shop on Zibbet but then as always, I wanted to set aside a few for me to work into designs. 

The beads have such a simple but earthy pattern - kind of a tribal design and the ocher, rust, orange carving is perfect for the bead.

Lately, I have been trying bronze wire in a few designs and thought that this bead would be perfect with bronze. And, here they are! Easy, breezy summer earrings that would look great with summer jeans, crop pants, or a summer black dress.

Two styles- GalleriaLinda's single beaded drop and GalleriaLinda's triple beaded drop. Both are fabulous and the bronze is so special with them. The bronze wire will oxidize if you like a muted darker patina and they shine right up to the original state when buffed with a silver polishing cloth!

View more easy, breezy earrings designed with YOU in mind! GalleriaLinda's Handmade Earrings on iCraft.

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