Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Using Pinterest for Market Research

Everyone is in love with Pinterest.com. It has quickly blossomed into an addictive national pastime! Aside from the fun of surfing photos of favorite things, I have been using it as market research.

First, I went to the"everything" tab and searched for jewelry, jewellery, bling, gems, baubles, sparkle, and other names of jewelry boards and followed those boards. This brings jewelry aficionados into my feed. From there I can see what people are pinning in jewelry design. You can quickly get a strategic look at what is popular right now.

Although Gallerialinda Handmade Jewelry is not like a mass merchandiser that relies on trends, as a designer of handmade, I like to understand what is popular in color and style.

From my recent research, the jewelry trend includes pops of color and chunky, and I love that!

Example: Handmade Necklace Cranberry Red Swirl Vintage Acrylic Beads found in GalleriaLinda's Handmade Jewelry iCraft shop.

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