Wednesday, August 4, 2010

DIY Network Features Tampa Bay Innovator

 Ok, so this is not about jewelry but I love to hear about DIY people with good ideas that take their innovation to market. And, I am especially proud when it is someone from my area!

This is about shower rods with hanging curtains that make a water-safe space for a shower but create a confined space for the person. As one with a commercial Interior Design degree, I know that all details of a space needs to be functional in the best way for the user.

The inventor, Colleen, worked as a bedside nurse in Intensive Care Units and with implementing Electronic Medical Records in large hospitals. She invented the Rotator Rod out of necessity when she moved residences and went from a large walk-in shower to a bath tub shower.

Inventions that come out of necessity are sure to be successful. What do you have rigged up at home or in the office that you can share with the world? Think about it! As creatives, we are all a tad innovative. Colleen just took it one step further. Put your thinking caps on and best of luck to Colleen and taking her DIY rod to market!

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