Monday, September 21, 2009

Vintage Rockhounding AKA GalleriaLinda Rocks!

OK, maybe I was a little dramatic with the title but I had to share this! If you follow me on Twitter or on Facebook, you know that I am cleaning out for a garage sale in October. I am finding all kinds of treasures. Many go to the garage sale pile, then, tiptoe back to the Linda Keeps pile. I don't know how that happens!

In our garage, I found a real treasure long forgotten. A large shoebox of rocks that my mother had stored away years ago for tumbling. She has since passed away but this box of rocks brought back fond memories.

These rocks are from a rockhounding experience in Brazil's state called Minas Gerais ("general mines") about 40 years ago. Minas Gerais is where a good portion of Brazil's semi precious stones are mined. What a fabulous place. I was very young (lol!) and had a great time with a little hammer whacking away at hard red clay to come up with crystals of amethyst and tourmaline. In this photo you see amethyst, tourmaline, fool's gold, and white agate. Many of the rocks we brought back to the states have since floated away through the years so I was ecstatic to find these.

I will be cleaning them up and staging them in my GalleriaLinda product photos!


  1. Those crystals are truly gorgeous, and what a wonderful memento of your mother. :)

  2. How wonderful. We just moved and we moved two large plastic containers of rocks...I told my DH that it was his fault since he "forced" me to go off-roading! Beautiful rocks!

  3. Such pretty crystals! I'll bet they will be just wonderful staged with your jewelry pieces--sounds like a very striking composition!