Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Glass "Moon Rocks" Make Interesting Materials

Named "Moon Rocks," these beads just explode with creativity! Irregular dimpled lumps of glass that have an opalescence light-capturing personality that literally takes light hostage and won't let it go! They are a white translucent glass with cognac circles and when light glows through them the light is much like a warm, light Brandy.

One can get lost in beads. They are all so different and I look for beads with extrovert personalities that will give life to my designs and say "look at me!."

The Moon Rocks necklace and earrings can be found in the iCraft GalleriaLinda Handmade Jewelry shop:

GalleriaLinda's Moon Rocks Necklace on iCraft.ca

GalleriaLinda's Moon Rocks Earrings on iCraft.ca

More to come on interesting materials!

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