Thursday, April 16, 2009

Getting Ready for Spring with Spring Garden Earrings

Is anyone ready for Spring to come? Here in Florida, spring has sprung. Bougainvillea is in bloom, as well as Azaleas and various flowering trees. I guess I am in the mood!

I have had these two sets of beads for quite some time - the carved yellow jade flower and the glossy green elongated acrylic beads - never thinking they would come together in this spring-inspired symphony!

Over the winter, both sets have been on the side of my workbench, pushed aside, picked up and put elsewhere, brought back, and coordinated with other beads - I just had to ponder and ponder how each would be used.

Finally, after keeping them side by side for ages and loving the color combination, I decided to go for it. You can see these Spring Garden handmade earrings in GalleriaLinda's iCraft shop!


  1. Those are really beautiful! Happy Spring. I think it has arrived in th Okanagan too!

  2. Hi Linda...great earrings, love the color!