Monday, March 23, 2009

Sometimes, Design Just Happens

Well, I never meant to go this direction. But, this is what happens when you are inspired at first sight.

We have a gorgeous bead shop here in town that has the most quality and luscious Czech glass beads. I love to just stroll the perimeter and take in the glass beauty hanging in strings along the wall and windows, glinting in the sunlight in every color of the rainbow. What a treat!

The Czech etched red bar glass beads were just interesting...that is all. I was drawn to their size and finish. I held them up and said...huh...interesting...and put them back.

Walking on, I glanced back, knowing that they were not my style or color, at least up to now. The Czech etched red bar glass beads stood out from the crowd from across the room. "OK," I said. "I will try them. I need to stretch the creativity once in a while."

Back home when I unloaded my purchases, they fell out as if to say, "I am gorgeous!" But, I was fretting about what color of beads to put with this almost tomato red with the faint wash of silvery sage all bundled up in an Asian etched design. Huh...interesting.

After trying several color combinations from wine to rust to green to taupe, it became clear that the Czech druk sage beads and the frosted sage Florette's were perfect. Different, but perfect.

The design came together quickly, as if it was a cosmic happening meant to be. This is a design not for everyone, but we can agree it is creative and different in design and color! You can see this Lotus Flower Sage and Red Glass Bead Necklace with Bali Sterling Clasp at iCraft with Lotus Flower matching earrings!


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