Thursday, January 15, 2009

If You Need an Avatar...

Avatars are a much needed accessory for any online participant, just like handbags and earrings! Sometimes, it is hard to figure out if you should use your business avatar or your own photo avatar in certain places. Sometimes, your online places blur the line between business and personal. What to do?

I found this interesting site, where you can "create" your face!! It is surprisingly similar to real life once done. Above is mine. Make my hair a little shorter and boom...that is me!

Go to FaceYourManga and create one now. It may be useful in situations where your business avatar and your personal avatar may not be appropriate. Or, you can use it on social networks and shops. It is just a fun utility!

Today's GalleriaLinda Tip:

Check out GalleriaLinda's Indie CEO blog for Indie Arts businesses for lots of business strategies and resources posted specifically for your Indie Arts business!

Be sure to read about the $6000 grant for "Bridge Jewelry" businesses -- dare to dream!

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