Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Anticipating Handmadeology!

I can hardly wait! Handmadeology is coming to town on January 26, 2009!

Offered by TimothyAdamDesigns, it is billed as "teaching the formula that I use to sell handmade goods online," and if you have followed Tim at all, you know he makes good on his word.

Often sharing tips and strategies for online marketing and advertising on his timothyadamdesigns blog, he sets himself apart by actually showing results of his efforts using the same strategies.

TimothyAdamDesigns is well-known for cool, contemporary metal jewelry. He has made a reputable name for himself in his knowledge of the online marketing process and how to use online tools to his advantage.

Sign up for the handmadeology free newsletter today! I think handmadeology will have highly useful content, based upon the blog content for the last year.

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