Thursday, February 19, 2009

Artfire Shop & Free Custom Marketing Plan? How Can You Go Wrong?

  • 3 Verified Artfire Members credited to GalleriaLinda
  • 2 Free Artfire shops credited to GalleriaLinda (won't count unless become verifed)

If you have not read this, see below for great opportunities for you!

Only you and I can create our own futures. Therefore, I am getting serious about selling on Artfire. I want The Artfire Free Ride for Life and you should too!

(I know this is a long post, however, it is an important opportunity that could affect your bottom line).

I seldom post the same content on both blogs, but I wanted you to know my commitment to you, so I am posting this on Indie CEO as well as GalleriaLindaShowcase.

Looking ahead at your business expenses is wise, especially for 2009. This information is worthy of consideration for online sellers who create handmade items or sell vintage items. Only you can create your future! You could have a full verified shop on Artfire, for free, for life.

Artfire is having a promotion that benefits shop owners and now I am offering to help you with your success!

Before I get into what I have up my sleeve for you, here are reasons to join Artfire for $7/month:

  • Growing fast, extremely responsive admin, fast roll outs of new features that work the first time, listens to sellers, so many new features on the list to come

  • Unlimited number of free listings

  • Google Analytics statistics to support your marketing efforts

  • No selling fees, no final sales fees, no listing fees

  • Ways to be featured, seen

  • Random searches mean that your items will be seen more frequently without you worrying with it – list and let the search do its thing

  • For $7 a month, you have invested money equal to 35 listing or relist fees a month on Etsy - one a day plus a fraction. If you are a serial lister or relister on Etsy in hopes for your items to be seen, you will love this value. On Artfire, there are no selling fees when you actually sell those listings!

  • When the total 5,000 verified accounts are taken, the monthly fee will jump to $20/month. Now, don’t you want to get in before that happens?

Once you sign up for a verified shop, you too can work on your own new shop's Artfire Free Ride for Life. I will help you – keep reading how!

The Artfire Free Ride for Life promotion for my shop is when 10 people sign up for a verified $7/month shop and attribute their sign up to GalleriaLinda's Artfire Shop. GalleriaLinda will receive an Artfire Free Ride for Life shop. How great is that?

I want to give you a gift, plus, I am personally committing to help each of the 10 shop owners who sign up referencing GalleriaLinda, achieve this goal for themselves.

Here is how it will work:

  • The first 10 people who use GALLERIALINDA’S Artfire link and sign up for a verified $7/month Artfire shop, will be placed in a GalleriaLinda drawing, of only the first 10 people total from both blog posts. (you must use my link, not someone else’s…and there are many around and many Project Wonderful ads using ArtFire's logo - don't get confused, ALL the links in this post are GalleriaLinda's links to the Artfire Free Ride).

  • Each of the 10 signups will be confirmed as verified shops on Artfire by me.

  • You have a 1 in 10 chance to win consulting time for a custom basic marketing plan for your business – a $50 value. (I am a marketing communications consultant for small businesses by day). This marketing plan will be created from interaction between us by either phone or email and customized to your business time availability and goals.

Wait! There is more! Keep reading because here is the best part:

Once GalleriaLinda's 10 slots are filled and achieves the Artfire Free Ride for Life for GalleriaLinda, for those first 10 people who signed, I will run a 125x125 pixel ad for each of the 10, one at a time, for one whole week on my 3 web sites that links to your own Artfire Free Ride

The ads will run one at a time in the sequence of the sign ups, for example, number 1 signer will be the first week ad to run, then number 2 on the second week, to number 10 the last 10th week ad run. The ads will be placed simultaneously on my three websites (2 blogs and 1 web site) for one whole week along with the Project Wonderful ads located there.

Let’s summarize...a 1 in 10 chance are the best odds you may ever get!

Drawing winner to receive marketing consulting time is awesome in itself.

But, free advertising for your Artfire Free Ride for Life for one whole week on three different web sites is over the top. I want you to succeed too!

What do you say? Are you in?

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  1. Just keeping you posted - today, we have 2 sign ups for GalleriaLinda. Shop slots for Gallerialinda 3-10 are open!