Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Did I Tell You? Inspiring!

One of the neatest and most inspring things I have ever done with my jewerly creations became much more meaningful than I ever imagined.

My five dearest friends (blogged here) and I got together in the Summer of 2006 after decades of being out of touch. Over the years the moves, careers, and families filled the time that we would normally take to keep in communication.

When we met in the summer, it was like we never left -- still finishing each other's sentences and just "knowing." It is wonderful to have friends that just "know" you from the very begining.

In preparation for this exciting visit, I wanted to bring a gift to each and thought that making a piece of jewelry would be right. I made six identical bracelets (including me) out of sterling tube beads and Swarovski crystal pearls, except each had a differet pearl color!

Sue selected gold pearls, Laurie selected taupe pearls, Kerry selected champaign pearls, Jan selected teal pearls, Susan selected light green pearls, and I opted for grey pearls. Everyone was so excited, surprised, and astounded that I could have made them.

We plan to meet every year that we can. I now see that these "friendship" bracelets have an unexpected depth of connection for us and are worn nearly every day as a reminder that we are not alone. (((hugs))))

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