Saturday, July 17, 2010

Vendors Wanted: Florida Artists, Artisans, Crafters for Online Art Fair - Positions Available for National and International

We are all curious about "want ads" - right?  Especially those for artists!

I want to update you on the online art fair and selling venue that is quickly coming into its own, Zibbet. I have had a Premium shop on Zibbet for a little over three months and have settled in nicely. The look of Zibbet is white, clean, and uncluttered, which is an important criteria for my shops. And if you have a Premium membership, you can customize your shop to fit your artistic look - right down to the Zibbet logo color in your shop!

What amazes me is that I can have widgets for my other venues on the shops pages, such as an Etsy mini, artfire cart, iCraft window, Facebook, Twitter, and anything with code.

So, really, you can make your Zibbet page to be YOUR "Grand Central Station" that points off to all your selling directions for all of your promotions. I have three twitter widgets for all my twitter accounts and then a widget for my GalleriaLinda Facebook page too! I have gotten followers from these.

In my Zibbet GalleriaLindaLoft vintage jewelry shop - I have almost half of my shop in a widget window at the bottom of my vintage items. Take a look at my GalleriaLindaLoft Vintage Jewelry shop here! (Scroll down to bottom).

Zibbet has a fabulous short-term promotion running right now.

One month FREE with a premium Pro Membership until July 20.

After your free month, the fees are still reduced to $9 a month until 119 (at this writing) shops are taken. Once you start your free month, you will be so excited to see the seller features available. Click here to get started and hope to see you there!


  1. I understand this is a old post, but it is very much relevant to current scenario. These days no one say no to "ads" or "social networking" - follows. It is just that the popularity of social widgets & ads become the need of the hour. I personally don't see a problem with it unless it is not put at appropriately...

  2. Zibbet really is refreshing, isn't it? I admire the fact that they allow us to publicise our othersites, none of the "hole-in-the-corner" attitude one finds elsewhere. I'm looking forward to the day when my Zibbet shop becomes my "main residence" online.