Monday, February 1, 2010

Vintage Artisan Signed Heart Zipper Brooches - Hot!

For GalleriaLindaLoft's Etsy Vintage Store, I could not believe it when I spotted these vintage handmade zipper heart brooch pins!. They are both from the same estate sale and after inspection, they appeared to be really old and really special. Likely one-of-a-kind artisan work, they both are created with the same techniques so I believe they are of the same artist. Only one is signed "Ann Potter."

Definitely handmade, both are designed with zippers as the main design element. On the larger zipper heart brooch found in GalleriaLinda's Vintage Etsy Shop, you will see the outline of the heart is a large brass zipper that is old with awesome patina. The inside of the design is made from smaller zippers carefully placed so close together that they make a textural mosaic with a hint different muted colors that represents the fabrics that the zippers are on. Very subtle color palate and design! It is all nicely finished on a wood heart back.

The smaller zipper heart brooch found in GalleriaLinda's Vintage Shop has a border of a large zipper and that large zipper is repeated within the interior of the design. The interior of the design itself is filled in with smaller zippers. All zippers are on black fabric so the pin is zipper silver and black. The backing is wood that is painted black.

Research found nothing on zipper jewelry themes of the past, so I concluded that these are individual artisan items. Today, many artists are making new jewelry out of new zippers or vintage zippers. Here, you have a real vintage piece!

These designs will complement anyone's valentine sweetie...from motorcycle gals to urban hipsters, to grunge, circling back to career gals and even Grandma would appreciate the artistic history. They would be fabulous on leather, denim, or gray flannel blazers.

FREE SHIPPING USA too.  These are just unique pieces of artistic history.

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