Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Meet Lucy - My New Assistant!

Having a dress form has been my fondest dream. Although I don't sew, I wanted one for the ability to display necklaces on a full sized scale. Meet Lucy, my new assistant!

I was at the right place at the right time - you know - one of those deals you cannot believe...

It happens that I was on our local CraigsList looking for a local art event - and I am never on CraigsList - ever!

An ad for dress form torsos appeared and I could not believe my eyes. It seems that a T-shirt shop was downsizing and they had 50 of three different styles of torsos for about 1/8 of the price of a new one.

When I called, I was only the second inquiry and when I explained how I would use it, the seller searched through all 50 to find the one with the best fabric and wood topper. My husband and I skeedaddled over to pick it up and Lucy and I have been inseparable ever since!

Not only does the torso give a great presentation of necklaces but I have been trying out using it for earring scale too.

Tell me whether the earrings hanging on the neckline is useful for presenting the size of the earring - I am so challenged with sizing up earrings for customers. What do you think? Honest opinions! Leave a comment!


  1. What a great score. I love her. I think the shot with the earrings is fine for scale but I wouldn't use it as your lead shot but maybe like your 3rd or 4th picture slot.

  2. How cool to find Lucy! Definitely helps with scale but I agree with Paige that you should keep it as a 3rd or 4th pic.

  3. wow, what good luck for you! And I'm with Lenox Knits and Theresa on using that kind of photo in your presentation...great idea for scale but doesn't do the earrings justice as it's too far away.

  4. Awesome find. I also like the pic with the earrings, great for showing scale.

  5. I love the dress form and the earrings hanging on the shirt is working for me. I can't think of the top of my head what an easier solution would be then what you have done.

  6. Thanks for all of your comments about the earring shot! I have used that shot as the last one and you have suggested it helps with scale. I appreciate the thoughts.

  7. I love this dress form! It's perfect for your jewelry display!